The dugout is the only part remaining of the fields where these boys played many baseball games.


When I look back on my childhood, I have memories of playing baseball on warm summer nights. Now that I am older, I am creating memories with my children, by watching and coaching them in youth baseball. Playing sports as a child was exciting, and I learned many things that still shape my life today. Being a part of the memories that my children create is even more exciting and rewarding.

Unfortunately for the children in the Wea baseball and softball programs, creating baseball memories has become much harder this year. Recent development of soccer fields behind Mayflower Mill Elementary School has jeopardized the coming season, and perhaps several seasons to follow. Four of the six fields used by our program were lost in the development, and we are faced with the possibility of not having the facilities to maintain quality programs. As a not for profit organization, it is not possible for the WEA Summer Recreation Program to fund the cost of replacing 4 or more  baseball fields. We recognize the need to ask our community, as well as neighboring communities, for support in meeting this difficult task.

The Wea Summer Recreation Program must build facilities capable of meeting our current and future needs. Our participation level is approaching 450 boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 14. Considering the growth in the city of Lafayette (Indiana), and in Tippecanoe County, we're certain the participation in our programs will increase throughout the coming years.

To meet this challenge, we must secure 15 or more acres of land within Wea Township and develop baseball and softball fields to continue supplying quality programs to our children. We know the cost to meet this goal will exceed $150,000. This is why we need your help. There are many options to consider when supporting the Wea Summer Recreation Program: monetary donations, land donations, and donations of material or services to build a complex. In addition, we need sponsors for advertising signs that are posted on the fences of our remaining fields.

Businesses can donate items that can be used as prizes for raffles, or sponsor some type of a fundraiser program. We are open to a multitude of opportunities.

The Wea Summer Recreation Program can provide children with memories that will last a lifetime, but not without your support. If you would like to send a monetary donation, please mail it to:

  • Wea Fundraising Program
  • Huntington National Bank
  • 2101 Teal Road
  • Lafayette, IN 47905

Or take a moment to complete this form

For information about making non-monetary donations, becoming a sponsor, or if you have a question or comment, please contact us at:

On behalf of the Wea Summer Recreation Program, thank you for your time and interest in our program.